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Aylesbury Wedding

In Wedding Stories by Stephen Cousins

With Christmas over and done for another year, I headed up to Buckinghamshire the day after Boxing Day for an Aylesbury Wedding, my final wedding shoot of 2012.

Aylesbury Wedding

Corinne is actually an old friend from a choir I used to sing in back in the 80s. She was marrying James at Aylesbury Methodist Church. It was a pretty cold and wet day .

I arrived early enough to go for a 2km swim at Aylesbury Leisure Centre and a latte at Caffe Nero before heading to the church.

I was allowed to stand right up at the front of the church for the ceremony, which is always good. Not only that but I was able to move around the church and up in to the balcony during the service. So I managed to take a good variety of shots.

Although it was cold, I persuaded everyone outside at the end for the big group shot, which actually ended up working quite nicely.

I took more small group shots in front of the Christmas tree at the altar before we headed off to the reception at the Seven Stars pub in Dinton.

The Seven Stars

The Seven Stars is a cosy country pub which could only just accommodate the wedding party, but it made for an intimate affair. As the light faded and indeed whilst it was almost dark, I was shooting various group and individual shots outside. It was very kind of Corinne and James to allow me to eat with them and to make me feel part of the wedding.

The best weddings are those where the photographer has met the couple beforehand and developed at least the beginnings of a relationship with them. If you like each other you will feel at ease and, as a natural consequence, get better photos.

Photography Dilemma

Photographing the dancing at the end of the day continues to be a challenge for me in terms of style. Should I shoot with lots of flash to ensure sharp images but create a false representation of how it looked on the night? Or do I risk having some blurred shots in order to keep the effect of the coloured lights, movement and excitement of the dancing.

I tend to do a bit of both. I am yet to find a happy lighting medium where I can create atmosphere and still have enough light for sharp, fast aperture shooting. Still the night time shots from Corinne and James’ wedding seem to have come out quite nicely.