Bannatyne Spa Hastings

Bannatyne Spa Hastings

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As I write, it is a beautiful summers day. I recall it was a lot colder as I set off to the Bannatyne Spa Hastings to be the official wedding photographer for Rebekah and Joseph.

Wedding in Battle

Bannatyne Spa HastingsThe couple were to marry at St. Mary’s church Battle and hold their reception at the Bannatyne Spa Hastings. I have not worked at St. Mary’s church before but I have been to the Bannatyne Spa Hotel, where I filmed Ben and Emma’s wedding. As a result Occasion Photos is now a recommended Videographer at Bannatyne’s in Hastings.

I arrived to photograph Rebekah’s preparations at her parents’ home in Battle, and found the bride-to-be in very relaxed mood. She had her hair done and the veil on before stepping in to her dress. It made for fun photos of the veiled bride in a red and black checked shirt. Even when she was fully dressed her unique fashion sense was evident in the bright blue shoes which made the occasional appearance from under the hem of her dress.

Speech Writing

Bannatyne Spa HastingsWe made it to the church in blustery conditions to find Joseph stood in contemplative mood, waiting at the altar, with his head in his phone, still writing his speech! I’m sure he continued writing as Rebekah was walking down the aisle! St. Mary’s Parish Church was founded around 1115AD to serve the community that had grown up around the Benedictine Abbey of St. Martin on the site of the Battle of Hastings.

It was quite dark in the church and, as is often the case, I was not allowed to use flash during the ceremony. So I tried to use the tripod as much as possible or just hold the camera really steadily for the slightly longer exposure times. I managed to film some snippets of video in between the photography which I present to you here as a taste of the day.

Bannatyne Spa Hastings

Bannatyne Spa HastingsThe ceremony itself was over in a flash, (no pun intended) as these things often are. Joseph is from the USA and they had a guest American preacher and they don’t hang around let me tell you. I was able, despite the cold, to gather everyone together outside the church for a big group shot before we all headed over to the Bannatyne Spa Hastings for the rest of the celebrations.

The hotel is a very pleasant wedding venue with a dedicated building for the wedding breakfast and evening functions. It was certainly more picturesque when I filmed here at the height of summer, as the flowers were in bloom and the sun always makes things nicer. But nevertheless Bannatyne’s is a worthy choice at any time of year. I attempted a few shots outside when we arrived, but it really was getting dark by now and we knew we needed to find a suitable position indoors. We settled on the dining room and with a little creative furniture moving and post production editing we have some very presentable formal wedding photographs.

Ceilidh Dancing

Bannatyne Spa HastingsRebekah smiled the whole way through the day. Joseph was a little more reserved, as I think reflects his personality and perhaps some big day nerves. Both bride and groom express themselves well through their clothes, with Rebekah’s shoes and Joseph’s blue suit and purple bow tie.

I enjoyed hearing the Best Man’s story of how Joseph pursued Rebekah for sometime deflecting rejection after rejection before he finally wore her down and charmed her in to submission! I also thoroughly enjoyed the Ceilidh (pronounced Kayleigh) dancing instead of the usual live band or disco in the evening. Some guests were a little reticent but, after some coercion, everyone was up swinging their partners and dosey-doe-ing! Joseph and Rebekah now live in the USA and I wish them all the very best in their new lives together.

East Sussex Wedding Photographer

Bannatyne Spa HastingsIf you have enjoyed reading about the Bannatyne Spa Hastings and Rebekah and Joseph’s wedding in Battle, please share this post so that others may enjoy it too. Occasion Photos can travel all over East and West Sussex to film or photograph your wedding or other event so if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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