budget Wedding Photographer

Budget Wedding Photographer

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You’re looking for a Wedding Photographer for your big day. But you are on a budget and you are struggling to see why you should fork out what seems a huge amount for someone just to take some pictures. Especially seeing as your uncle has a decent camera and could do the job for next to nothing.

Budget Wedding Photographer

budget Wedding PhotographerTrue, he could. But would it be any good? Perhaps you should go for one of those budget Wedding Photographers. Sure they aren’t insured and haven’t any formal qualifications and they don’t belong to a professional body, but they’re cheap. OK, so they don’t have any back up equipment in case their camera fails, but what are the chances of that? You don’t need anything fancy, just some nice pictures to remember your day.

But what if something does go wrong? You are getting married in a lovely venue and it is a once in a lifetime day. It would be a shame not to make the most of it and get the best photos you can. A good Wedding Photographer is not just someone with a decent camera. They are skilled in so many areas and have likely spent years learning and developing these skills.

Technical Skills

budget Wedding PhotographerYour Wedding Photographer knows the technical aspects of their camera inside out. They take photographs with an in depth knowledge of shutter speed, aperture size and ISO settings and how these things interact and affect how the final image will look. They use prime lenses which contain minimal amounts of glass to ensure as much light as possible reaches the camera sensor. They balance a use of flash with a use of natural light and they understand why you might use flash in direct sunlight and why you might not use flash in low light. They know why they should shoot in RAW rather than JPEG and that a full frame camera is preferable to a cropped sensor. Will your budget Wedding Photographer know these things?

So they are technically skilled with the camera. But they are also technically skilled in the edit process. They are skilled at using the software on their computer to make fine adjustments to the images to bring out detail. They can colour correct, sharpen, blur, skew, crop, adjust levels, contrast, hue and saturation amongst an array of other things, without getting carried away with the technology.

Artistically Talented

Budget Wedding PhotographerBut photography is an art. Your Wedding Photographer is not only technically skilled, they are artistically talented. They understand lighting and how to utilise it to bring the best out of a subject. They understand the Rule of Thirds and when to break it. They see shapes and colours, angles and tones which spark creative ideas and suggest photographic opportunities.

They may have studied Fine Art or Graphic Design at university. They may instinctively know how to position someone in order to photograph them at their most flattering. Furthermore, they have honed this talent to use it in the high pressure, fast-paced environment of a location wedding, as opposed to the much more controlled environment of the photographic studio. Has your budget Wedding Photographer studied these things? Do they have a natural flair?

Socially Adept

Budget Wedding PhotographerSo, your wedding photographer is technically skilled and artistically talented. But they are also socially adept. Your Wedding Photographer is a skilled people person. One to one, they are sensitive and empathetic to your needs and anxieties as a bride and groom. From your first contact they are modifying their behaviour to fit your personality so you feel as comfortable as possible in they presence. You can’t work with someone with whom you don’t get on. They will laugh with you and be sympathetic in times of distress. They will confidently and effectively manage the situation regardless of whether you are a bride who is very relaxed or a ‘Bridezilla’!

In group settings your Wedding Photographer can coordinate the large group photos with confidence and authority whilst remaining lighthearted and friendly, balancing both the technical and artistic requirements of the photograph with the need for time efficiency. That’s pretty impressive stuff. Can your budget Wedding Photographer confidently manage a large group of wedding guests? Can they handle the pressure and help you to feel relaxed at the same time?

Business Skills

Budget Wedding PhotographerFinally, your Wedding Photographer has to be skilled in business. They are generally self employed. So they understand the need to be transparent about their pricing structure. They know that there needs to be a written contract between you and them. They understand the importance of personal liability and equipment insurance. They are prompt with invoices and receipts and reliable with delivery of the final images or discs. They understand this because they understand the importance of customer care and customer satisfaction. They know their business survives on its reputation and they understand that their relationship with you, the bride and groom is the most important of all. Will your budget Wedding Photographer care that much about you as a customer, as an individual?

So, if you are wondering why you should fork out for a decent Wedding Photographer, think again about why they charge what they do and what you get out of the deal. Consider what it might be like if your Wedding Photographer wasn’t skilled in all these areas. Is it worth the extra stress? Get the best you can and you won’t regret it.