Cisswood House Hotel Wedding

Cisswood House Hotel Wedding

In Horsham Weddings, Wedding Stories, West Sussex by Stephen Cousins

I think I love summer weddings at hotels. Relaxed atmosphere, beautiful grounds, no racing to different venues in the car and hopefully fine weather. We had all of this and more at the Cisswood House Hotel wedding of Jason and Claire. Cisswood is a beautiful house in the quiet country village of Lower Beeding, West Sussex. A Cisswood House Hotel wedding is almost a wedding photographer’s dream, especially when one has good weather. Not only did we have a beautiful location and blue skies, but Jason had arrived in a stunning dark green Pontiac car, of which we took full advantage.

Wedding Outdoors

The wedding itself was held outdoors and the official marriage took place in the summer house. I do enjoy outdoor weddings because its possible to move around a lot more than indoors, without disturbing the ongoing ceremony. I shot from the back, the sides, close up and at distance. I even jumped quickly in to the summer house for the exchanging of rings.

I get the feeling Jason was slightly more nervous than Claire, but both managed to say their lines without a hitch….pardon the pun. We had lots of fun arranging the main group shot immediately after the ceremony. I was leaning out of an upstairs room window in the hotel, looking out of the garden and shouting instructions to the guests below. I think we’ve got a pretty decent shot there!

Green Pontiac

We also had huge fun with the Pontiac. I got Jason to stand with his Groomsmen in a bit of a Reservoir Dogs pose. I would have liked to get Claire in a Marilyn Monroe style drape across the bonnet too, but we were worried about causing expensive scratches!

Cisswood House Hotel Wedding

I’m very happy with my first Cisswood House Hotel Wedding. The sun hid a little towards the end of the evening as I took the newly married couple out for one final tour of the garden, but the pictures still look great and I’m confident Jason and Claire will love them. A Cisswood House Hotel wedding can’t fail to give you great opportunities for stunning pictures and the relaxed atmosphere certainly makes it an enjoyable place to be.