Wedding in Crawley Registry Office

Crawley Registry Office

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On a sweltering Saturday in August, the final Saturday of the London 2012 Olympic Games, I photographed the wedding of Steve and Kim in Crawley Registry Office.

The day began on a health kick. I ran 5k at Tilgate parkrun, which is a beautiful run round the lake in Tilgate park and then through Tilgate Forest before heading back round the lake to the finish. I then went for a 400 metre swim at Crawley’s K2 Leisure Centre. I was fit and ready for a day’s wedding photography.

Crawley Registry Office

I have been considering recently how lucky I am that I get to work with people on pretty much the happiest day of their lives, when everyone wants to be courteous and friendly. Better than being a traffic warden or a police officer when you generally meet people at their worst.

Crawley Registry Office is a modern building in the centre of the town. There are no gardens as such but there are parks just a short walk away so it’s not a disaster. There is a coffee shop and various other facilities attached to the building which also houses other council departments. The Registry Office is upstairs and the ceremony room leads out on to a small balcony which is nice for one or two photos immediately after the couple have tied the knot.

Burgess Hill Football Club

Steve and Kim had a party of around 30 and the wedding was a very relaxed and friendly affair. There was lots of laughing during the ceremony which relieved any nerves. The Sussex weather was beautiful which made taking photos in the park a challenge and a pleasure. Taking photos in sunlight might seem like a good idea, but it can often result in pictures of people squinting and with harsh shadows across faces. It’s often better to do wedding photography in the shade. On this occasion I chose a mixture of both.

The evening reception was a short drive from Crawley Registry Office at Burgess Hill Football Club. The setting sun made for some lovely images of the bride and groom and children on the field. I have photographed other weddings in Crawley and Burgess Hill. Jonathan and Denise had a secret wedding in Crawley Registry Office and Joni married Nicola in Crawley Down, where I became the singing wedding photographer.