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My first visit to Hellingly in East Sussex as a wedding videographer was to Adam and Sophie’s marriage at the parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul. I have filmed and photographed many weddings in nearby Eastbourne, such as Dan and Sarah’s wedding at St. Agnes Church and Ian and Nicola’s ceremony at Eastbourne Town Hall, East Sussex.

Village of Hellingly

Hellingly, a small village in East Sussex, is virtually a borough of the small town of Hailsham, which itself is only a few miles from the Sunshine Coast and large town of Eastbourne. Wikipedia states that ‘the 14th-century parish church is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul. The chancel dates from about 1200, and the shafts with annulets round the windows and the band of palmettes under them are substantially original. There is stained glass in the east lancet windows by William Morris

Adam and Sophie’s wedding was on a mild day at the beginning of December 2013. The sun was even out when Sophie arrived in a beautiful vintage white car, with a plethora of bridesmaids.

Wedding Videographer

I have recently begun using my Canon 5D as my main filming camera. My Panasonic camcorder is now a secondary unit which I mount on a tripod if I don’t have a second camera operator. Although it’s more work to edit footage from two cameras, it certainly reduces the risk of missing anything important. If I am offering my services in East Sussex as a wedding videographer, I really need to offer customers a wide range of options and I certainly can’t afford to miss important parts of the day!

Adam was hiding any nerves well as he joked with the vicar and his Best Man before the ceremony. Sophie walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon, which I have used in opening to their wedding film. Sophie was quite nervous and she looked somewhat tense during the ceremony itself. This tension visibly dissipated however, once the vows had been said.

Horseshoe Inn

Following the ceremony we made our way through Hellingly and Hailsham to The Horseshoe Inn for the Reception. It was getting cold and dark quickly now so it was a rush to get the photos taken. Adam and Sophie had asked a relative to take their pictures, which often saves couples a small fortune. However, without an experienced photographer present, it can be quite difficult to organise a large party of guests who are all milling about chatting and drinking. Professional Photographers deal with these situations all the time and get used to managing it. With the light fading fast we needed to get everyone organised quickly. Thankfully, it all worked out ok in the end. A wedding videographer is often less of a focus than the photographer and it’s useful to be able to blend in a little to get candid shots.

With the pictures in the bag, Adam and Sophie stood at the head of their receiving line to welcome guests in for the Wedding Breakfast. This can be a tiring time for the newly weds and often brides tell me it’s difficult to keep continually smiling. Not that they don’t want to smile, just that the muscles in the face start to ache after so long!

Must Buy a Steady Cam

I’m always a fan of well prepared wedding speeches and our Best Man speech today was funny and delivered with confidence by Adam’s brother. Adam was confident with his words too and it made for a laughter and fun-filled end to the meal. One difficulty I have found recently, from a wedding videographer perspective, is holding my camera steady for such a long time during the filming of speeches. I haven’t wanted to use a tripod as I want to be as mobile as possible, but I have given in more recently. At some point in the future I will buy a steady cam unit.

I was very impressed by Sophie’s (I’m guessing it was Sophie’s choice) choice of music for the first dance. I’m a great fan of Imogen Heap and Adam and Sophie danced to her song ‘Samson’ which is truly lovely. There was a live band for the rest of the evening and I left the newly married couple dancing with their friends and family.

Thank You Card

I very much enjoyed being the wedding videographer, spending the day with Adam and Sophie. They seem like lovely people with a close network of family friends and I know they are very happy with the film I created for them. They were kind enough to send me a thank you card which I have posted below. I think it’s clear they went to Paris for their Honeymoon!

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East Sussex Wedding Videographer - Thank You Card

Thank You Card from Adam and Sophie