Wedding at Lewes Registry Office

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Early Start at Hurstpierpoint

It was a very cold October morning when I set off, not to the wedding at Lewes Registry Office, but to Shaun and Wendy’s home in Hurtspierpoint to begin photographing the bride getting ready. Although the sun was out, it was extremely fresh.

Happily the house was warm and I spent a couple of hours photographing Wendy and her three bridesmaids as they changed and had their hair and makeup done. The bridesmaids were initially wearing onesie animal print pyjamas, and we joked they could just turn up at the wedding in them. We decided against it in the end!

Wedding  at Lewes Registry Office

The ceremony was held at Lewes Registry Office. I have been the official wedding photographer there before and I know from experience that it is a nightmare to park. Even armed with this knowledge, I ended up parked in a rather dodgy spot for fear that I would miss the arrival of the bride all together. I didn’t and, thankfully, I didn’t get a ticket.

The cold had not abated and it was a mad dash to get inside the registry office in the warm. We kept Wendy downstairs as Shaun waited upstairs. Lewes has a very pleasant registry office in a beautiful building with lovely gardens. The ceremony went well with an amusing moment when the registrar asked if anyone has any objection to the marriage, one of the babies in the room screamed!

Photographs in the Gardens

Despite the cold, we managed to get a good few shots outside in the gardens and Shaun and Wendy were very accommodating with my constant requests for them to “sit here”, “stand there”, “do this”, “look that way”, “just one more and we’re done”, “oooh, one more here I think”! I also tend to say 1, 2, 3 an awful lot. I must think of something different to shout out just before firing the shutter!

Another thing I am beginning to believe is vitally important as a wedding photographer, is a step ladder. I have one at home and don’t know why I don’t put it in the car. I stand on walls, tables and chairs. Anything to get higher. I’m not a tall person so any extra height I can gain is beneficial!

Reception at Burgess Hill

The evening reception was at Burgess HIll Football Club, where I have been before for Steve and Kim’s wedding reception. Despite this and my sat nav, I still managed to get lost on the way. It felt like a real friendly party with no pretension, no awkwardness. Shaun and Wendy made me feel very welcome and, as is often the case, it didn’t feel like work at all. I am very pleased with some of the candid and portrait style shots I achieved with my new Canon 5D Mark II.

I am sure to return to both Lewes Registry Office and Burgess Hill Football Club in the future. If you would like Occasion Photos to photograph your wedding please use the contact form to get in touch or go for it and book now using our online booking form. There are many great photographers in the Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath areas, including Mid Sussex Photography, but we hope you will choose Occasion Photos for affordability and quality.