Lindfield Golf Club Wedding

Lindfield Golf Club Wedding

In Haywards Heath Weddings, Wedding Stories, West Sussex by Stephen Cousins

In May 2013 I headed to the pretty village of Lindfield, near Haywards Heath in East Sussex to film Laura and Glenn’s wedding. The venues were All Saint’s Church in the village and Lindfield Golf Club just a few miles away.

All Saint’s Church, Lindfield

Strictly speaking Laura and Glenn were married in 2012 but did not have a big family celebration. This event at All Saints Church and later at the Lindfield Golf Club was to be the ‘official’ wedding. The day began with a full service at the church. I had been asked by Laura to capture as much as possible of the ceremony, so I pretty much kept the camera going for the entire time, through all the hymns and readings. This certainly gave my arm a workout!¬†As it was I need not have filmed all the music but the final video does include the readings in full. It was almost exactly the same as a wedding ceremony. Rings were exchanged and vows read out. The only difference seemed to be there was no official blessing by the vicar and no signing of the register.

There was an official photographer working on the wedding as well as me and I am sure I recognised him from somewhere but I just couldn’t place him. He was only booked until around 7pm, so it turned out that I became wedding videographer and wedding photographer for the final couple of hours of the day!

Lindfield Golf Club

The wedding breakfast and reception were held at Lindfield Golf Club. I have filmed and photographed at a few golf clubs now and I can say there is a huge difference in the quality of these places. For some reason I always expect golf clubs to be rather exclusive, well maintained, expensive places and indeed Lindfield Golf Club leans far more in that direction than the previous golf club I attended for a wedding, which was really rather shabby by comparison.

By all accounts, Laura was the architect of the day and she had planned most things to the letter and minute! The room at Lindfield Golf Club was beautifully laid out and the timeline of events was perfectly organised. I always worry when it comes to speeches. As I may well have previously bemoaned the quality of public speaking and speech writing leaves a lot to be desired at most weddings. I am very thankful to say that I was mightily impressed by the speeches at Laura and Glenn’s wedding, particularly that of the mother of the bride who spoke fantastically well. She had a written, prepared speech, but only referred to it and spoke naturally and fluently who humour and eloquence.

Games were organised on the lawns after the wedding breakfast and I captured some great fun on space hoppers! Laura had even organised the first dance. Most couples simply hold each other and slowly rotate around the dance floor, which is what I and I’m sure many readers have done. However, Laura and Glenn had a routine. Nothing extravagant but certainly choreographed. By this time the official photographer had left so I attempted to film and photograph at the same time. A feat I have previously attempted with some success!

One of my favourite things to do when I video a wedding is to conduct short interviews with the Bride, Groom, guests and family, which I cut together later and put at the end of the video. I think it really adds something which the couple can look back upon with fondness in years to come.

Later in the evening there was a fantastic sunset and one of my final acts was to take Laura outside and take a few photographs with the orange sky behind her. Lindfield Golf Club is a very pleasant venue with plenty of greenery and good views, but as always, what makes a wedding are the people.