Mauritian Wedding in Crawley

Mauritian Wedding in Crawley

In Crawley Weddings, West Sussex by Stephen Cousins

Another first for Occasion Photos. Photographing and filming the Mauritian wedding in Crawley of Pricilla and Guilluame was an absolute pleasure. I have been wedding photographer in Crawley for a number of weddings before, notably Steve and Kim’s wedding at Crawley Registry Office, Jonathan and Denise’s Secret Wedding and Joni and Nicola’s Wedding in Crawley Down.

Mauritian Wedding in Crawley

I began the day at the bride and groom’s home with Guilluame, taking a few photos of him getting ready. He wore a stunning white suit with white gloves and a spattering of gold bling and looked very cool!

I have never photographed a Mauritian wedding, let alone a Mauritian wedding in Crawley. The catholic church in Crawley is big and bright and made it easy to photograph the couple without flash, which is always preferable. We did have a small issue with paparazzi guests but a word from the priest soon took care of that!

Wedding Ceremony in French

The priest conducted much or the ceremony in French. He told me afterwards that, although he is English, there is such a strong Mauritian presence in Crawley that he felt it appropriate to learn some French in order to better facilitate the community. What a fantastic thing to do, thought I.

The ceremony itself lasted quite some time as, being a Catholic Mass, they celebrated the sacrament. In addition Pricilla and Guilluame combined their wedding with the Christening of their daughter. There was also lots of traditional music performed by a band and gospel choir, which was pretty awesome.

Rain in Crawley

It was unfortunate that the weather was not great and after the ceremony it really tipped down outside making photos impossible. We decided to attempt again at the reception venue, but when we arrived at Crawley Rugby Club, it was raining even harder!

Our only option was to take the pictures inside. It felt a shame to me as everyone looked so good that I wanted to get the best pictures possible. But Pricilla and Guilluame didn’t seem to mind, so we did the very best we could. There are in fact some lovely, natural and fun shots of this Mauritian wedding in Crawley.

Bump and Grind

For me, the highlight of the day came when the dancing started. It really was a party. Everyone let their hair down. The music was loud and full of the kind of groove and rhythm that we expect from MOBO (music of black origin). I absolutely loved it and felt myself dancing as I was filming and photographing in the thick of it! There was a lot of bump and grind and at one point both the bride and groom were lifted onto shoulders as they danced.

It was pretty dark on the dance floor so I got some quite ethereal shots, full of movement and coloured lighting. The main lights went back on for a short period for the bride and groom to cut the cake. It was interesting to note a tradition in the Mauritian culture which I also saw when I filmed an Asian wedding last year, of the bride and groom feeding each other. It wasn’t long before the lights went off and the music was back on though!

Wedding Photographer Crawley

All in all this Mauritian Wedding in Crawley was a great experience for me as a photographer and as an individual. I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs I took and watching the short highlights video. I was absolutely privileged to be part if it and, having been together for some years already, I know that Pricilla and Guilluame will be very happy together.