New Canon Camera

In Latest News by Stephen Cousins

I have finally purchaseed a proper camera! For months I have been working with a rather substandard Nikon D3100 DSLR. It’s a perfectly decent consumer camera, but not a patch on what I have now.

I am relatively new to the professional photography world and whilst videoing a wedding I asked the official photographer there what he uses. Both he and his assistant were using a Canon 5D Mark II. Since then I have read about it and seen that it is pretty much the industry standard ‘go to’ camera for wedding photographers.

I have always used Nikon in the past, so it was a big jump to change to Canon. However, I am very satisfied with my purchase. I also purchased a 50mm prime lens and it really shows on portraits. The wide aperture is just lovely.

So from now on, I hope my wedding photography will take a step up. I’m always paranoid that I’m not that good a photographer. But, honestly, when I look at some other professional websites and analyse their work, I think you know what, I am a good photographer. I can always learn and improve, but I can take great pictures.