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Questions to Ask your Wedding Suppliers

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In this post I go through a list of essential questions to ask your wedding suppliers. This includes importants questions to ask the venue, your dressmaker, cakemaker, florist and entertainment suppliers as well as questions to ask a wedding planner, should you decide to use one. As a wedding photographer I have already compiled two more comprehensive posts on questions you might want to ask of your photographer and things to consider before booking a wedding photographer. You can find these at How to Choose a Wedding Photographer and Choosing A Wedding Photographer.

The Wedding Coordinator/Planner

  • How many weddings have they worked on before?
  • Have they worked at your chosen venue before?
  • Is the vendor free on your wedding date?
  • What contingency plans do they have for bad weather?
  • Do they take commission from any of the suppliers they might recommend to you?
  • Do they belong to any professional organisations?
  • What kind of planning do they do? Logistical? Design? Both?
  • Will the person you talk to be the person who is at the wedding on the day?
  • Do they offer packages or it is entirely a bespoke service?
  • Can they provide references?
  • Can you see a contract?
  • Are there any additional fees not included in the price?
  • What is their cancellation policy?
  • Do they have a portfolio?

The Venue

  • Is the venue available on your chosen date?
  • Can it accommodate the right number of guests
  • How far is it from the ceremony venue? (obviously as long as the two are not the same!)
  • Will you have the place to yourselves?
  • Do you have to supply the catering?
  • If not, are the menus to your satisfaction?
  • Does the venue have guest accommodation?
  • Will guests be offered a discount to stay at the venue?
  • Can you install a marquee?
  • Can you have fireworks and candles?
  • Is there a late bar?
  • Is there a noise restriction or curfew time?
  • Can you have a live band?
  • Does the venue supply an in-house DJ?
  • Does the venue supply an in-house photographer?
  • Does the quoted price include VAT and service charges?
  • More essential questions to ask your wedding suppliers below

The Cakemaker

  • Can you see examples of their work?
  • Can you taste any of their cakes?
  • Is there a selection of fillings to choose from?
  • Can you have mixed flavour layers?
  • Will they come to the venue to assemble the cake?
  • Can they cater for specific dietary requirements?
  • What creative ideas do they have to match your wedding theme?
  • When do you pay?
  • Can they create a bespoke design or are there set choices?

The Florist

  • Can you see examples of their work?
  • How many other weddings do they have on your wedding date?
  • Will the person you have talked to be the actual person doing the flowers on the day?
  • Is there a maximum distance they will travel to dress the venue?
  • Will the bouquets and buttonholes be labelled?
  • Which flowers are in season on your wedding date?
  • How long does the vendor need to set up?
  • When do you pay?
  • Do they charge for breakages?
  • How much say do you have in choosing types of flowers and colours?
  • Which flowers do they think would suit your theme?
  • Do your chosen flowers have any particular meaning?
  • Read on for more important questions to ask your wedding suppliers

The Dressmaker

  • Do they charge to try on dresses?
  • Will others be trying dresses on at the same time?
  • How long is your appointment?
  • Is there a maximum number of dresses you can try?
  • How many people can you bring to the appointment?
  • How long will it take to make the dress?
  • How many fittings will there be?
  • Do the vendor charge for alterations?
  • Do you need to bring wedding shoes, lingerie and accessories?
  • Can you hire matching accessories?
  • Do they require a deposit and when do you pay the balance?
  • Can the dress be delivered?
  • Do they charge for delivery?

The Entertainment

  • Does you DJ have a varied playlist?
  • Does the band play recorded music between sets?
  • Does the band have a demo CD?
  • Do they need a meal on the day?
  • How long will it take to set up?
  • Does the band need to soundcheck?
  • Can you choose specific songs for the band or DJ to play?
  • Does the band know your first dance song, if not, can they learn it in time?
  • Do they require a deposit?
  • When do you pay the final balance?
  • Is your children’s entertainer CRB cleared?
  • Let us know if we’ve missed any important questions to ask your wedding suppliers

The Photographer

  • Can you see previous work?
  • Do they use film or digital equipment?
  • What style of photography do they use?
  • How many pictures will they take?
  • How many pictures will you receive?
  • Who owns the copyright on the images?
  • How long will the photographer stay?
  • Will they visit the venue beforehand?
  • When will you get you pictures?
  • How will the pictures be delivered? (Online, prints, disc)
  • Will they set up an online gallery?
  • Do they also film video?
  • Do they require a deposit?
  • When is the final balance due?
  • Do they require a meal?
  • Are they insured?
  • Is there a contract to sign?
  • How many photographers will attend?

The Caterers

  • Can menus be mixed and matched?
  • Can menus be altered to fit your budget?
  • Is there the opportunity to taste the menus?
  • Do you have to pay for tasting menus?
  • Are waiting staff provided?
  • Is a service charge included in the price?
  • Do they provide alcohol?
  • Would it be cheaper buy buy your own alcohol or do corkage costs offset any saving?
  • Do they supply extras such as glasswear, tablecloths etc?
  • Can they provide references or a list of previous clients?

Questions to Ask your Wedding Suppliers

I am sure there are many more essential questions to ask and perhaps a number of other wedding suppliers I could include here. If you have any suggestions of questions I might add or suppliers I may have omitted, please post a comment on this post below. If you are interested ion booking Occasion Photos to take your wedding photographs, please see the prices page, choose your preferred package and fill in the booking form. Alternatively, send us a message using the