Riverside Wedding Burton-upon-Trent

Riverside Wedding in Burton-upon-Trent

In Wedding Stories by Stephen Cousins

Strictly speaking Liam and Jess were married, not right by a river, but in a hotel called the Riverside, which is by a river. So that’s why I’m calling it a riverside wedding!


I used to live in the Midlands, but had never been to Burton-upon-Trent before Liam and Jess contacted me to ask if I would photograph their wedding in May 2013.

They were kind enough to get me a room at the hotel the night before the wedding, which meant I didn’t have to dash up the motorway early in the morning. I had time, in fact, to go for a run in Burton early on the Saturday morning.


I am a big fan of parkrun which is a free, timed 5k run which takes place on Saturday mornings at venues around the country and abroad. I was lucky enough to find the Conkers parkrun just a few miles from the Riverside wedding.

My first port of call after my run was the bride’s mother’s home, not far from the hotel. Jess and her bridesmaids were still in pyjamas when I arrived just after 10am. I photographed all the usual things such as the dress hanging up, the makeup, shoes, trinkets and flowers as well as the gradual transformation of the girls.

Riverside Wedding

I left in time to photograph Jess getting out of the car at the Riverside. The more weddings I photograph, the more I can predict the moments during the ceremony when there will be laughter or giggles. Typically these are when the registrar asks if there is anyone present who knows a reason why the couple should not marry. Then when the couples are asked to repeat their vows and specifically to say each others full names.

My shutter is at the ready during these times even more so than others. Such was the case with Jess and Liam who both laughed a lot when Liam messed up his lines. The photos can come out well. However there is also huge potential for gunning faces which don’t look great!

No Flash Photography

The weather in Burton was rather changeable. It rained during the ceremony but brightened up afterwards. Then as the afternoon wore on it became rather cold, dark overhead and drizzly. I spent quite a while with Jess and Liam in the grounds of the hotel and we compiled quite a large set of lovely pictures. The river certainly made for some attractive shots and I thoroughly enjoyed finding angles and views to exploit. I was also experimenting trying to use as much natural light as possible and avoiding the use of flash.

Awful Chicken

I had an unfortunate restaurant experience before the evening reception when I ordered a chicken pasta dish. The chicken was awful. As though it had been overheated in a microwave. I simply had to return it. Thankfully, the replacement dish was possibly the best fajita I have ever eaten. I wrote a rather more comprehensive review of the Riverside hotel on the Occasion Photos Google Plus page if you are considering a Riverside wedding!

I didn’t stay as late as I usually might at Liam and Jess’s riverside wedding because I had a long drive ahead of me. I made sure to stay for cutting the cake and first dance fun, but soon after I bid farewell to Burton-upon-Trent and travelled back down the M1 to Worthing.

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