Singing Wedding Photographer Sussex

Singing Wedding Photographer

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Today I am the Singing Wedding Photographer! All will become apparent. I have been the official wedding photographer in Crawley registry office before, notably for Jonathan and Denise’s Secret Wedding and for Steve and Kim’s Wedding but Joni and Nicola married in the village of Crawley Down at All Saints parish church.

Wedding Video

The weather wasn’t great to be honest but for a photographer, there’s no such thing as bad weather, it’s just a different challenge.

I set myself a task during this wedding shoot to film a documentary type video of my day. It’s called ‘A Day in the Life’ and is here for your entertainment.

Joni and Nicola’s wedding ceremony was held at All Saints Church, West Sussex. It was a little dark inside but thankfully I was allowed to use flash. This is not always the case and occasionally I have had to resort to some rather extreme settings on the camera to get enough light in through the lens!

Singing Wedding Photographer

I sat in the choir stalls to get a good view and very soon found myself singing along to the hymns. I have a history with church attendance as my father used to be a Methodist Minister. So I know many of the standard hymns off by heart.

Often at weddings I find those attending don’t know the hymns very well and it does help to have a few strong voices helping out! However, I got some rather strange looks from the other members of the choir. I couldn’t work out if they were impressed, amused, bemused, insulted or a combination of all four! However, I am happy to be known as the Singing Wedding Photographer from this day forth! I’ll bet other Sussex based wedding photographers like Barry Page, Kevin Watkins and Justine Claire have never sung at weddings whilst taking photographs too! A unique service from Occasion Photos!

We took advantage of a slight break in the weather to get as many pictures taken outside the church after the ceremony. The church kindly provided me with a nice high ladder so I could get up above the big group shot. Always a handy thing to have. I often stand on walls or tables if I don’t have a ladder to hand.

Gatwick Flight Tavern

The wedding breakfast and evening reception reception took place a little drive away at a restaurant called The Flight Tavern. As its name suggests it is situated right next to Gatwick airport. In fact it is adjacent yo the runway. I managed to persuade the newlyweds to come outside and stand on the wet grass in the cold and rapidly fading light for a few more photographs.

Little Helpers

Often at weddings I seem to be followed round by one or more small children, who latch on to me pulling faces or trying other ways to put me off or make me laugh. Sometimes this can be useful and today was one of those days. I handed my video camera to a small child and asked her to hold it steady and film me taking photographs of the bride and groom. The result is a little shaky but useable, as you will see if you watch the ‘Day in the Life’ video. Suffice to say she has not been paid for her work!

There was a buffet meal followed by live music from one of the young guests. He played guitar and sang some cover songs and one or two of his own compositions. He was very good.

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As the evening wore on, one or two of the guests became a little worse for wear and we were treated to a variety of songs and chants with somewhat questionable lyrics! But it was all good fun. Joni and Nicola looked very much in love, relaxed in each others company and tired at the end of a long day. You might be interested to know that the Singing Wedding Photographer did not step up to the mic at any point during the evening.

What do you think, should the Singing Wedding Photographer continue or is it best to shut up and get on with the job in hand? Seriously, how involved do you want your wedding photographer to be? I have often been fully included, almost as a guest, in the days events, sitting down to eat with everyone etc. Other times I am certainly there as an employee. Either feels fine for me, but what do you think?

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