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The Secret Wedding

In Crawley Weddings, Wedding Stories, West Sussex by Stephen Cousins

Jonathan and Denise’s secret wedding was hidden from all but a select few.

I had met them both when they were guests at another not so secret wedding, where I was the official photographer. They asked for my details but told me to keep it hush. They contacted me soon after and I was let in to the circle of trust!

Secret Wedding

And so it was that one fine spring day in March I arrived at Crawley Registry Office. The entire wedding party consisted of six people including myself and the bride and groom. That’s how secret it was!

The ceremony was short and sweet but involved a lot of laughter. Jonathan’s brother was best man and provided much of the hilarity. I caught a few of his funny faces on camera. His Mickey Mouse ears is a particular favourite. I have previously photographed weddings in the main ceremony room, called The Balcony Room. However, as Jonathan and Denise had only a select few guests, they married in the intimate West Sussex Register Office. Literally an office room! I didn’t even know it existed! A secret wedding in a secret room!

Crawley Memorial Gardens

After the ceremony we headed to the park across the road from the registry office. It’s officially called Crawley Memorial Gardens. I’ve taken couples there before. It’s a nice green spot in the middle of the busy airport and commuter town that is Crawley. With a small party it can be a challenge to find new and interesting ways to group people together. Jonathan and Denise we great to work with though. They were happy and relaxed throughout the shoot which is so important in getting natural wedding photos, which don’t look too staged.

We had fun with the sun which was out one minute and behind some quite dark clouds the next. I kept having to retake shots as things suddenly looked so much nicer when the sun appeared! Still I think we achieved a nice mix of formal and relaxed pictures which will serve as a beautiful reminder to Jonathan and Denise of their secret wedding day!