Upwaltham Barns Wedding

Upwaltham Barns Wedding

In Chichester Weddings, Wedding Stories, West Sussex by Stephen Cousins

I had read a lot about Upwaltham Barns and seen numerous wedding photos from the venue, but had not been until I filmed Emily and David’s Wedding there in early 2014.

Upwaltham Barns

Upwaltham Barns is near Chichester and has been a wedding venue for some time. There are many newer, similar venues springing up like Farbridge, Southend Barns and Long Furlong Barn, all not far from each other, but I believe Upwaltham Barns has been around the longest.

I arrived early on a cold February morning. Despite a wind, the sun was shining. When I am filming a wedding I have so much more equipment to set up and monitor through the day, than when I am photographing. I usually have two to three cameras and my sound equipment, plus stands. All these require full batteries and large capacity SD cards. So it is as well to arrive good and early.

Kelly Hearn

It wasn’t long before I met up with the photographer for the day. As a Videographer I obviously work with lots of photographers and occasionally I glance at their work on their website. I can honestly say that Kelly’s photos are some of the finest I have seen and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Having won a Wedding Photographer of the Year award she is of course in a different price bracket to me!

It is important for a videographer and photographer to work well together and I think we managed that during the day. It is fortunate that Upwaltham Barns is quite spacious. In cramped environments it can be difficult to find space in a wedding ceremony for two professionals with cameras and tripods!

Torrential Downpour

The ceremony itself went without a hitch. Emily had chosen to walk down the aisle to a piece of opera, which made a nice change from the three or four songs that seem to be very commonly used of late. I really like these tunes but hearing them at every wedding can get a little dull!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) as the ceremony began, the heavens opened and it poured down. It’s lucky that we were all inside, but it did mean that the majority of the photos had to be taken inside after the wedding. The scenery is stunning around Upwaltham Barns so it was a shame the weather didn’t hold out.

Heartfelt Speeches

I like to get to know my bride and groom a little and I had met with Emily and Dave prior to their big day, but there are done things you don’t know about (and quite rightly) until later.

There was a lot of fun a laughter during the speeches and lots of references to Dave and Emily’s travels around the world. But there were tears too. It was clear that Dave had been through a very serious illness, which he affectionately referred to as his ‘man-flu’, and had thankfully come out the other side.


Once the Wedding Breakfast was over it was time for more photos, this time outside in the dark. Kelly got everyone to hold sparklers and wave them in the air as she took pictures. Much hilarity ensued as sparklers went out before the picture was taken or people couldn’t move in sync with each other.

As the band started up, I set the camera in the outdoor snug area to record personal messages. I really shouldn’t leave this unattended at any time, let alone when guests are a little tipsy in the evening! It’s not the first time I’ve found unplanned messages on the camera when I came to review the footage later!

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