Wedding at Arundel Cathedral, West Sussex

Wedding at Arundel Cathedral

In Arundel Weddings, West Sussex by Stephen Cousins

I have to admit to an unprecedented level of excitement on my part at being booked to film Gareth and Alice’s wedding at Arundel Cathedral. I am based in West Sussex but had not filmed or photographed in Arundel until recently.

Arundel Cathedral is absolutely beautiful and sits majestically at the top of the hill, side by side with Arundel Castle. It makes for a stunning view for anyone driving to Arundel from Worthing along the A27.

Getting Ready in Worthing

I began the day in Worthing at Alice’s home with a number of bridesmaids, a page boy and our bride getting ready. There was a definite 50s style to the bridesmaids bright red dresses and they did all look stunning together. Alice was calm throughout and it was a nice relaxed start to the day. I left before Alice in order to get to the cathedral first and set up.

I was very lucky to find a parking space right outside for the wedding at Arundel Cathedral. I set one camera up on the balcony, where the organ is, looking down on proceedings. I set up my audio recorder in what turned out to be a poor position under the bride and groom’s chairs. Poor because, part way through the ceremony, either Gareth or Alice kicked it out of position. Luckily the effect was not disastrous and there was still a decent sound level despite the cavernous space.

Wedding at Arundel Cathedral

There was an orchestra and choir providing the music and as it was Christmas, the cathedral was decorated more elaborately than usual. It all made for a wonderful ceremony and I am sure Gareth and Alice thoroughly enjoyed their wedding at Arundel Cathedral.

The ceremony itself was followed by the baptism of Gareth and Alice’s son and then a full communion celebration. The whole service, therefore, lasted well over an hour.

When we got outside it was very bright and rather windy. The photographer, a family friend, gathered people in front of the cathedral doors for the main pictures, which seemed as good a place as any. However there was no avoiding the sun on people’s faces and some squinting! Despite this the couple and their bridesmaids looked great.

The White Swan Reception

The wedding breakfast was at the White Swan, a large country inn on the outskirts of Arundel. It was touching to hear the grooms father say to the bride, “You’re getting the finest man I know”. How lovely to be regarded in such a way by anyone let alone your father.

Gareth’s Best Man was his brother who is a dancer and had just flown in from South Korea where he was on tour with a large production company. As you might imagine he spoke with the confidence and humour of someone who regularly performs in public. His speech was funny and warm. He was also, obviously, a great dancer, evidenced by the skill with which he partnered his mum and various bridesmaids during the evening reception.

Songs and Slideshow

After the meal and before the evening began in earnest, one of the guests performed songs with his guitar whilst the other guests watched a slideshow of photos featuring Gareth and Alice, friends and family over the years. This provided much hilarity as one might expect!

Gareth and Alice’s First Dance began a little tentatively, until Alice worked out how to hook her dress up so as not to keep stepping on it. After that it all went swimmingly and in fact it became a real party. At some wedding receptions the dance floor can remain rather empty and forlorn. However there are some where the event really kicks off and guests release the formality of the day to care free dancing. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves and letting go to all the classic cheesy tunes.

Forgetful Wedding Videographer

I am beginning to amass rather a large amount of equipment which I carry with me to each wedding, and it is becoming a common occurrence for me to leave something somewhere at the end of the days shooting. On this occasion I remembered to take all the video and audio equipment from the wedding at Arundel Cathedral and from the White Swan later. Thankfully my good wife was able to go back to the White Swan the following day to collect my debit card, which I had put behind the bar to cover my tab and then forgot to collect.

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