Wedding at Nurstead Court

Wedding at Nurstead Court

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Traveling to photograph or film weddings outside of Sussex is becoming a common occurrence for me. Greg and Nicola asked me to film their wedding at Nurstead Court, Kent.

Videographer at Weddings

I really enjoy being the official videographer at weddings. It’s a little less pressure than being the photographer, although it’s more of a physical challenge keeping the camera from shaking during speeches. I do employ a tripod but sometimes you need to be able to move around too.

I’ve filmed plenty of weddings since I began offering the service. Jose and Henry got married in a field near Ninfield, Sussex. Emma and Ben wed at Bannatynes Spa Hotel in Hastings and Laura and Glenn tied the knot at All Saints Church in Lindfield, Sussex.

St. Mildred’s Church, Meopham

I had not met Glen and Nicola prior to the wedding as my booking was a last minute thing, literally. They phoned me the day before! Could I film a wedding at Nurstead Court in Kent? No problem.The setting for the ceremony was a beautiful old church called St. Mildred’s in Meopham, which is near Gravesend in Kent. I arrived, as I always do with plenty of time to spare to set up the two cameras I now use when filming weddings. As it turned out there would have been no need to rush as Nicola didn’t turn up until she was a good 20 minutes late! Nothing like keeping an expectant and nervous groom waiting. The couple have been together for over 10 years so I expect he knew she’d turn up eventually!

Wedding at Nurstead CourtGreg was dressed in what I would describe as a dapper suit and stood with his brother, who was also his Best Man, patiently at the front of the church, occasionally glancing round to catch the faces of his friends and family behind. I walked between there and the gates of the church where the vicar and photographer were also waiting patiently for Nicola’s car to arrive. We assumed Nicola would be inside the car once it did. She was.

Wedding at Nurstead Court

The ceremony was great. Relaxed and informal at times, thanks to the attitude of the vicar. Tearful and heartfelt too, when Nicola struggled to hold back the tears as she said her vows. Funny also when Pam Ayres famous poem “I Do I Do I Do” was read and the vicar told jokes rather than give a solemn speech about the sanctity of marriage.

Wedding at Nurstead CourtFollowing the ceremony it was just a short walk to continue the wedding at Nurstead Court itself. Parts of the house date back to 1320 although much of the exterior is a Victorian facade added in 1825. It was a little blustery but in general the weather was fine and warm. Drinks and photographs on the lawn in front of the house were followed by the receiving line and wedding breakfast in the marquee set up opposite the house.

I enjoyed the speeches which were well prepared and well received. I especially liked Greg’s brother’s stories of the illegal activity the two of them got up to when they were children! Greg shed a few tears during his speech and it was clear how close he feels to his family and how Nicola and he are meant to be together.

Live band, Sweet Trolley and Photo Booth

Wedding at Nurstead CourtI set up one of my cameras in the garden for guests to record video messages and I used the other camera to film the first dance and the live band. I was distressed to miss out on the sweet trolley as I was too busy to get there, although I had planned to! There was also a photo booth set up which was well used. I filmed Nicola in there although I was relieved she wasn’t doing anything too rude when I stuck my lens round the curtain!

Greg and Nicola’s wedding at Nurtead Court was a terrific event full of laughter, life and love. I wish them both the very best for the future and I very much look forward to visiting Nurstead Court again. Although the house itself is not used it is a lovely location.

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