Wedding Photographer in Worthing

Wedding Photographer in Worthing

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It was a cold December day when I drove the short journey from my house to be the official Wedding Photographer in Worthing for Jenni and Phil. They were getting married at St Marys Parish Church, Sompting, with the Reception at the Burlington Hotel on Worthing seafront. My wife was with me as she was the official wedding videographer. Our first double header! We have photographed a number of weddings in Worthing before. Edward and Diana married at the Chatsworth Hotel, Robert and Sara married at Field Place, Worthing and Wayne and Karen’s wedding was at the Windsor Hotel. We also filmed Adam and Ellie’s wedding in Worthing at the Windsor Hotel. There is a Windsor Hotel Wedding Venue Review here.

St Marys Church Sompting

I have been to St Marys before when I photographed Toby and Harry’s Christening a few months before. As I discussed in that post, the church is really very old indeed. It has a Saxon tower thought to have been constructed prior to 1000ce (common era). For more on St Marys history visit the church website here.

Jenni and Phil chose their wedding date specifically to be December 12th 2012 or 12/12/12. Funnily enough this is exactly what my wife and I did just over a year before. We married on 11/11/11. The stone church on this occasion was in fact warmer inside than out, which is not always the case as you may know if you read my post about the christening.

Wedding Cars

Unfortunately, there was a problem at the beginning of the day as the wedding cars booked to transport Jenni and her bridesmaids to the church had got the wrong arrival time. Consequently Jenni was rather late for her big day. She was a little flustered but soon settled once the ceremony began.

Wedding Photographer in Worthing

A wedding photographer in Worthing and indeed most seaside towns will, more often than not, work in hotels where the registrars are quite flexible about where one can photograph from and when one can photograph.

It is becoming rarer to photograph weddings in a church and when one does the rules can sometimes become restrictive. So it was on this occasion. The vicar was insistent that no photographs should be taken from the front if the church during the ceremony.

I know that Jenni was disappointed, but sometimes we must accept the hand we are dealt and do the best we can. It is also important that, in general, we respect the rules and regulations of the different institutions where we work, live and play. I took plenty of photographs from the back of the church and as always there was ample opportunity for lovely pictures in the grounds of the church afterwards.

The Burlington Hotel

The sun had come out by the time the ceremony finished and I was able to capture some nice shots of the function room at the Burlington Hotel before the guests arrived. I also took over from my wife with the video camera to video and photograph the rest of the days celebrations. Sometimes it certainly requires two or more people to cover a wedding on video and in pictures. However, after discussion, Jenni and Phil were keen for the video to take priority over photography at the Wedding Breakfast and Reception. As long as we made the most of the photographic opportunities at the church after the ceremony, which we did, then I could concentrate on video more in the afternoon and evening.

Although the sun was out it was still very cold and we decided against taking photographs on the beach. Jenni in particular was feeling the wind chill and it would not have been comfortable to stand on the beach even for a few minutes.

Wedding Speeches

Both Phil and his Best Man brother, freely admitted that public speaking was not their forte. With that in mind I think both did a sterling job and they both did the sensible thing of writing their speeches down and reading them!! I can’t stress this enough people! If you are reading this and you going to be doing a speech at a wedding soon, please take the time to write it word for word. Unless you are a seasoned public speaker, don’t wing it. It just doesn’t work, and we’ve all been at those weddings!

Children’s Entertainer

There were a lot of children at Phil and Jenni’s wedding and they were well catered for in the evening with a children’s entertainer. He did magic tricks, games, plate spinning, bubbles and balloon animals and seemed to go down a storm, even with many of the adults.

Once Jenni and Phil had cut the cake and done their first dance I made my way home. I had to walk along the seafront in the cold as my wife had taken the car!

Phil and Jenni are so easy to get on with and we had such a nice day. I wish them every happiness in the future. I was honoured that they wrote a very nice review for me on my Google Plus page, which you are welcome to read. please +1 this post, like, share and comment if you enjoyed reading it.

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